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Search Homes For Sale In Platte City

Here you can search homes for sale in Platte city. We have given you all the listings that are currently available. They range from 1-5 bedrooms, so you should find the right size that suits you.

For more information on a specific listing, just click on it. There you will find information, about market history, condition, type of property, and more. You can also contact us here if you have any questions.

You can also choose to sort by price if you are looking for cheap homes in Platte City. This will allow you to show the most affordable or expensive properties first.

Search Homes For Sale In Platte City

You can use the listings on this page to find the perfect home in Platte city for you. Each listing also has a map to help you get a better understanding of where it is. We have also added information such as nearby schools, in case you have children, as that could be useful to you too.

Why Are Some Homes So Cheap Compared To Others?

There are a lot of factors that go into the cost of a home. This includes the location, condition, age, and various other factors.

Some homes for this reason are valued lower while others have a higher value. Often, you can click on a listing to find out more information that might explain the price.

However, if you are concerned with this, you can also contact us and we will give you more information.

Why Live In Platte City

Platte city is a great place to live in. The town is rather small, quiet, and friendly but it is also close to Kansas city where there is more going on. The cost of living is around 9.6% lower than the US average.

Additionally, the weather is also good throughout most of the year. The median cost of a home in Platte city is $173,300. Compared to the national median of $329,000 that is very low.

This means in Platte City there is:

  • Nice weather
  • Great location
  • Affordable to live in

As you can see you really can’t go wrong with living in Platte City. It’s a nice and friendly area.

Search Homes For Sale In Platte City: Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can see some questions that are frequently asked about homes for sale in Platte city. But if you have any others, you can also contact us here.

How Far Is Platte City Away From Kansas City?

The drive from Platte City to Kansas City is a 25-35 minute drive, depending on the route on traffic. 

What Are Popular Attractions Are In Platte City? 

Platte City is rather small but incredibly close to Kansas City that has lots of attractions. We’ve listed both for you below. 

Some of the attractions in Platte city include: 

  • Jowler Creek Winery
  • Platte Falls Conservation Area
  • Tanner’s Platte City

Some of the attractions in Kansas City include: 

  • Original KC Barbecue Tour
  • Kansas City Segway Tour

How Many People Live In Platte City? 

Platte City is rather small and has a population of around 4,900 people.